• A step by step introduction to implant dentistry.

    Dental implantology is the field of dentistry that is concerned with the replacement of missing teeth and their supporting structures with artificial prostheses anchored to the jawbone. Besides functional problems, tooth loss can lead to psychological problems due to low self-esteem and social im pairment thus considerably affecting the quality of one's life.Although implant dentistry has evolved to become an important part of clinical practi ce, unfortunately the coverage of this subject both in the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum has been rather slow, unstructured and certainly li mited. Lack of recognised academic standards and training pathways has gener ated obstacles for the majority of the busy dentist practitioners who want t o offer implant treatment in their practices

    Credits:3.00 Expires:28 October, 2016

  • Prostate cancer, mycosis

    Tumor board meeting

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  • Neonatal resuscitation

    Rescucitation in peads

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