This will be a hands-on workshop aimed at training 30 anaesthetists in re gional anaesthesia techniques.   INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP FOR ULTRASOUND GUIDED NERVE BLOCKS Hands-on workshop 22nd – 23 rd January 2016 KNH /UON PROGRAM 22nd January 2016 8 .00 am           Welcome and Pr etest             ;            &nb sp;            & nbsp;             ;             &n bsp;                         &nbs p;       All trainers 8.30 am   ;         Basics of ultrasound   ;            &nb sp;                          &nbs p;            &n bsp;                         &nbs p;            &n bsp;                  Dr. Evans 9.00 am     ;       Knobology, US Scanning techniques, and Keeping your US machine happy! Dr Ngugi 9.45 am   &nbs p;       Basic Principles of Regional Anaesthe sia and documentation                       &nbs p;           Dr. Mwiti 10.00 am         TEA BREAK 10.30 am         Hands on Workshop: Scanning and needling techniques on phantom Small groups A, B, C 11:30 am         US guided basic an terior abdominal wall blocks          ;             &n bsp;                         &nbs p;       Dr. Evans    &nbs p;    12:00 am        ;  Hands on Workshop: Basic anterior abdominal wall blocks 12:45 pm         LUNCH BREAK 1:45 &n bsp;pm          US-guided lower extremity blocks: femoral and popliteal sciatic     &nb sp;            & nbsp;          Dr. Ngugi 2:15 pm           Hands on Workshop: femoral nerve and popliteal sciatic blocks   &nbs p;            &n bsp;        Small groups A, B, C 3: 00 pm           Tea break 3:15 pm           US -guided upper extremity blocks: supraclavicular nerve block    ;            &nb sp;            & nbsp;  Dr. Arunga 3:45 pm      &nbs p;    Hands on Workshop: supraclavicular nerve block &n bsp;                        Small groups A, B, C 4:30 pm         &nb sp; Finish   23rd January 2016 8.30 am  &nb sp;                     Caudal anaesthesia   &nb sp;            & nbsp;             ;            &nb sp;            & nbsp;             ;            &nb sp;            & nbsp;     Dr Evans 9.00 am                  &nb sp;     Rational selection of Local anaesthetic agents&n bsp;                         &nbs p;             & nbsp;      Dr Ngugi 9:30 am                 &nb sp;      Local anaesthetic systemic toxicity               &nbs p;            &n bsp;              ;            &nb sp;          Dr Nabulindo 10.00  am                     TEA BREAK 10:30 &ndas h; 12:45 pm        Hands on Workshop: Rev iew of Anterior abdominal wall, femoral, popliteal sciatic, supraclavicular blocks 10.30  am                     Rotation 1 11:15 am                      Rotation 2 12:0 0 pm                      Rotation 3 12: 45 pm& nbsp;             ;       LUNCH BREAK 1.45 pm  & nbsp;             ;        Question/Answer /Feedback sessio n/Test review          & nbsp;           &nbs p;                Prepared by Dr Nabulindo M Susane  

    Credits:10.00 Expires:23 January, 2016

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    -Varicose veins are swollen veins that may bulge near the surface of the skin. These blue or purple, sometimes squiggly veins are most likely to show up in your legs, though you may also get them in your vulva or elsewhere.

    Credits:3.00 Expires:22 January, 2016

  • Regional Anaesthesia workshop

    Credits:10.00 Expires:23 January, 2016

  • TCM 21-01-2016


    Credits:3.00 Expires:21 January, 2016



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