• Effective Governance of health institutions and trustees

    Governing Boards / Trustees are essential to the performance of healthcar e systems. Whether the organization is operated as a for-profit, not-for-pro fit, or faith-based enterprise, it is important to have a community perspect ive as part of the leadership structure. Trustees must ethically and respons ibly represent the needs of the public/beneficiaries and hold the management team accountable for the performance of the organizational vision, mission, and values expressed in the charter. The Board members are expected to perf orm their fiduciary duties with honesty and integrity. This course explo res the main purposes, roles, and duties of the Board of Directors as it rel ates to organizational excellence and community benefit. This course is abou t enhancing the Board’s effectiveness for the good of the community an d ultimate success of the organization it serves

    Credits:10.00 Expires:07 March, 2016

  • Population/Public Health Improvement

    This course explores in detail the process of emphasizing primary and pre ventive care to improve health status of the population and manage the growi ng cost of acute inpatient care. The PHI process aims to enhance the individ ual and cohorts (targeted groups) health status and wellbeing rather than re ly solely on the acute care system. PHI combines the benefits of public heal th and medical interventions with preventive care and socio-economic interve ntions and prepares you for understanding of universal coverage. These c ore courses are 8-weeks in duration and are 100% online using Nort heastern State University's advanced e-Learning Blackboard System. Succe ssful completion of this course will award you 4 Continuing Education Credit s from KMP & D board based on 32 contact hours of education and up to 75 0 professional points that will count towards HeSMA Credentialing and Certif ication based on the guidelines available on this link, click 

    Credits:10.00 Expires:08 March, 2016

  • Essential Traits of Great Health Leaders for the 21st Century (2nd TracK)

    This course explores in detail the critical leadership attributes that ar e necessary to create organizational collaboration and integrated healthcare initiatives that promote value-based care and cost effective quality.The le adership and governance of health systems, also called stewardship, is argua ble the most complex but critical building block of any health system. It is about the role of the the leaders/managers  in health and its relation to other actors whose activities impact on health. This involves overseeing and guiding the whole health system, private as well as public, in order to protect the public interest. Issues of leadership are discussed and applied for health cares setting in this course.  “I accidently &lsq uo;stumbled’ onto the Leadership course through an email I received fr om HeSMA. I wondered if I could juggle between work, family life, and study – I’m glad I decided to take this 100% online program. Based on my experience I can attest that taking this course was one of my best decisi ons. I gained added skills, knowledge, and a positive attitude, from the ren owned international and Kenyan instructors that presented an interesting cur riculum that is very relevant to the Kenyan healthcare scenario. I received valuable guidance to help advance my medical career in Kenya. Another big ad vantage for me was the opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues fr om HeSMA and to establish new mentoring relationships. This Leadership cours e helped me realize that: ’Vision without action is merely a dream; Ac tion without vision just passes the time; Vision with action can change the world’ (quote by Joel Barker). I hope you will consider taking the LMG courses offered by NSU HeSMA program.”  -- Dr. Jedidah Wange chi, MBChB, Medical Officer, Kenya Ministry of Health, Huruma County Hospita l, Uasin Gishu County, Kenya  

    Credits:10.00 Expires:07 March, 2016

  • GTB 11-01-16


    Credits:3.00 Expires:11 January, 2016

  • Blood Transfusion Training

    Credits:5.00 Expires:11 January, 2016