• Joint Injection Skills Worsksop

    Hands on skills workshop on joint injection and aspiration using mannequi ns.

    Credits:10.00 Expires:18 June, 2015

  • Preventive and Interceptive Orthodontics

    Preventive orthodontic treatment is intended to keep a malocclusion  from developing in an otherwise normal mouth. The goal is to provide adequa te space for permanent teeth to come in. Treatment may require a space maint ainer to hold space for a primary  tooth lost too early or removal of p rimary teeth that do not come out on their own in order to to create room fo r permanent teeth. Interventions include parental counselling, caries contro l , check up of oral habits and habit breaking, extraction of supernumerary teeth. Interceptive orthodontic treatment is performed for problems that , if left untreated, could lead to the development of more serious dental pr oblems over time. The goal is to reduce the severity of a developing problem and eliminate the cause. The length of later comprehensive orthodontic trea tment may be reduced. The procedures include serial extractions ,space regai ning, correction of crossbites , correction of crowding, muscle exercises, c orrection of midline diastema and interception of skeletal malrelations

    Credits:3.00 Expires:13 July, 2015

  • Anaesthesia sympossium

    Credits:5.00 Expires:25 June, 2015

  • Clinical Aspects of Rheumatology- Day 3

    Paediatric Rheumatology Lupus- Clinical aspects Rheumatoid arthri tis Alied health professional and rheumatology

    Credits:5.00 Expires:11 July, 2015

  • Selection of Direct Tooth Colored Restorative Materials: Knowledge of the Composite- GIC Continuum

    Attendees will be able to identify the various direct tooth colored resto rative materials Attendees will be able to contrast and compare the chem istries, presentations, manipulation and properties of the array of tooth co lored restorative materials The attendees will be able to make sound cli nical decisions in selection and application of tooth colored restorati ve materials.

    Credits:3.00 Expires:09 July, 2015