• Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

    Credits:10.00 Expires:11 March, 2019

  • North Rift Branch 2nd Symposium 2019

    Physicians have a lower mortality rate from cancer and other health diseases relative to the general population. Medical practitioners have a significan tly higher risk of dying from suicide, the end stage of an eminently treatab le disease process. Suicide is the most common cause of death even among med ical students. HIV infection and AIDS are spreading rapidly among the world 's children. Although recent research has identified several ways of prevent ing perinatal transmission of HIV, most of these methods are too expensive f or widespread use in developing countries. Oral manifestations are early and common clinical indicators of HIV infection and progression in children, as in adults, although the specific manifestations differ between adults and c hildren. Aggressive dental management is indicated in an effort to prevent o r manage oral and dental disease Corrosion damages caused by disinfectants on stainless steel used to fabricate medical and dental devices, The surgica l instruments that are on the market for use in medical and dental treatment s are usually manufactured from stainless steels. The methods of cleaning ca n cause premature deterioration of the instruments, reducing their lifespan. Unannounced inspections of hospitals often detect instruments containing sm all fractures, microscopic cracks, pitting, and crevices that should invalidate their use in surgery.

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