• Importance of Vaccination Against Early Childhood Diseases.

    Importance of vaccination against early childhood diseases.

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    WGO NAIROBI TRAINING CENTER EUS/ERCP ORGANIZED COURSE: DECEMB ER 2018 PROGRAMME FOR EUS /ERCP HANDS ON 05-12-2018 to 07-12-2018 Course D irector: E Ogutu Organizing committee: Dr B Musau, Dr S Kairu, Dr Gitau Ngu gi, Dr Ajua, Dr S.Onyango, Linda Gathara, E Kamau, Kiraitu W Event Organize r: Dr Eva Mukhwana Experts: Manuel Perez Miranda: President, Sociedad Espan ola de Endoscopia Digestiva Head of Gastroenterology & Hepatology Hospital Universitario Rio Hortega Rajesh Gupta: Consultant Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist, Endos onographer, Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad India NOTE: All lectures will be held at department of Medicine seminar room Al l hands on cases will be at endoscopy unit, Kenyatta National Hospital Day 1: 05-12-2018: Lecture series 1 8.15-9.15 am: Chair: DR Elly Ogutu Dr Raje sh Gupta: 20min Introductory lecture on EUS: Indications; Types of scopes, Is there a place for radial in2018 Accessories in diagnostic EUS, Handling of specimens (fixative, media, and slides),How to improve on yield of FNA,Wh at accounts to failed FNA, contra-indications of FNA & how to avoid avoid co mplications Landmarks in examining the pancreas & mediastinum & scope movem ents Dr Manuel P Miranda:: 15min: Which interventional EUS are in practi ce in 2018? Accessories needed for various interventional EUS: HGS, CDS, G J, Pseudo cyst drainage What are the salient considerations in improving on success of each? 15min; Your tricks in successful biliary canulation on v irgin papilla, i.e. achieving 95% cannulation rate 9.30am to 6pm: H ands on session 1: co-ordinator Dr Gitau Ngugi, Dr Ajua, Linda Gathara Basi c EUS, Dr. Rajesh/DrManuel Interventional EUS (CDS, HGS, GJ, Pseudo cyst, abnormal anatomy) ; Dr. Manuel ERCP- 2cases: Dr. Manuel 11am- 11.30 am: Tea/coffee/ 1.30pm-2.00pm: Lunch break 4.30pm: Tea/cofee D ay 2: 06-12-2018 8.15-9.15am: Lecture series 2: Chair Dr.Elly Ogutu Dr Raj esh: 20min Video session on how to examine pancreas & Mediastinum: With com ments on various stages: You can pick one from your library e.g. of Dr Dhir/ ASGE/ESGE videos: Dr Manuel: 20min: Tricks to improve on success of HGS, CDS, Gastrojejunostomy, Pseudocyst drainage Video session on the above proc edures to explain various steps 10min: Your tricks on needle knife access otomy in biliary canulation. 9.30am-6pm: Hands on cases: Co-ordinators Dr Ngugi, Dr Ajua, Linda Gathara Dr. Rajesh: Basic EUS, FNA + Neurolysis /nerve block Dr. Manuel: Interventional EUS - Pseudocyst, HGS, CDS, GJ ERCP 2cases 11am-11.30 am: Tea/coffee/ 1.30pm -2.00pm: Lunch break 4.30pm: Tea/coffee Day 3: 07-12-2018 8.10am-9.0 0am: Lecture series 3: Chair: Dr Elly Ogutu Dr. Rajesh: 20min Neurolysis/N erve block: Same or different: Indications, What are the accessories/chemica ls used, Anatomic considerations, what are possible complications &How to av oid complications Dr.Manuel P Miranda 15min How do you detect & man age various common complications in interventional EUS. 20min How do you h andle: complete biliary transection post cholecystectomy, very tight strictu re post cholecystectomy Accessing /draining obstructed bile duct in patient s, who have undergone Whipples, double by pass using EUS: Approach& tricks 9.30am-4.pm: Hands on sessions: Co-ordinators: Dr. Ngugi, Dr Ajua, Linda G athara Basic EUS,(Rajesh) Interventional EUS, ERCP ( Manuel), 11am -11.30 am: Tea/coffee/ 1.30pm-2.00pm: Lunch break 4pm tea/coffee & closin g remarks ( Dr Musau Betty,Dr E Ogutu)

    Credits:10.00 Expires:07 December, 2018