First steps to clinical research- The ABC of of developing a research qu estion Dr Thikra 9:15am Introduction to clinical epidemiology: Outcome mea sures & measures of association Dr Lee 10:00am Overview of study designs & threats to validity Dr Kioi 10:45am TEA BREAK 11:15am Study design exerc ise Dr Odaba/ Dr Caroline/ James Orwa 12:15pm Introduction to statistical methods Dr Wachira 1:00pm LUNCH 1:45pm Statistical methods exercise Dr Od aba/ Dr Caroline/ James Orwa 2:45pm Research ethics James Orwa 3;15pm Ge tting the most out of your supervisor Dr Lee 3:45pm Word from sponsor-FRESE NIUS KABI Fresenius Kabi 4:15pm Final remarks Dr. Nekyon 4:30pm Vote of t hanks Dr.Caroline/ Dr Odaba Caroline Mwangi/David Odaba

    Credits:5.00 Expires:13 October, 2018