• AHA Pediatric Advanced Life Support Training

    The PALS Provider Course aims to improve outcomes for pediatric patients by preparing healthcare providers to effectively recognize and intervene in pat ients with respiratory emergencies, shock, and cardiopulmonary arrest by usi ng high‐performance team dynamics and high‐quality individual skills. Th e course includes a series of case scenario practices with simulations that reinforce important concepts.

    Credits:10.00 Expires:30 September, 2021


    MTRH PALLIATIVE CARE ECHO is ann online educational platform for palliativ e care providers all over the country. the session has two sections of dida ctic lecture by palliative experts and consultants and palliative patient ca se presentation by various palliative care teams.

    Credits:3.00 Expires:27 September, 2021

  • AHA Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training

    AHA ACLS Training, internationally recognised, certification by the Ameri can Heart Association

    Credits:10.00 Expires:25 September, 2021

  • AHA Basic Life Support Training

    The AHA's BLS course trains participants to promptly recognize several life- threatening emergencies, give high-quality chest compressions, deliver appro priate ventilations and provide early use of an AED.

    Credits:10.00 Expires:25 September, 2021

  • Management of Gingival Recession

    Gingival recession is among the commonest signs of periodontal disease. This webinar aims to educate on the classification and the various management op tions, both surgical and non-surgical of gingival recession.

    Credits:3.00 Expires:09 September, 2021


    An acute,major, life threatening complication of diabetes that mainly occurs in type 1 diabetes, but not uncommon in some type 2's

    Credits:5.00 Expires:24 August, 2021