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CCU Grand Round 12.02.2020

CCU Grand Round 12.02.2020

Starting on :07:00 AM 12 February, 2020 Venue:The Nairobi Hospital, Critical Care Unit
Ending on :08:00 AM 12 February, 2020 Max Credits:3.00
Moderator:No Activity Moderator Activity Cost: Free Order


27 yr old male with persistent pyrexia and pancytopenia. Dr Eric Munene 59 yr old male with bilateral pulmonary embolism post craniotomy for sphenoid meningioma. 4yr old child with hemolytic uremic syndrome, UTI, in the background of cerebral palsy. Dr Ismail 64 yr old male with Acute MCA infarct,HTN, DM, DCM and aspiration pneumonia.


To discuss treatment dilemmas in management of critical patients