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Periodontal Soft Tissue Management

Periodontal Soft Tissue Management

Starting on :09:00 AM 13 December, 2017 Venue:Dental Tune Centre
Ending on :06:00 PM 08 December, 2017 Max Credits:20
Moderator:Dr. KITUKU TONNIE MULLI Activity Cost: Free Order


1. Dr. Tonnie Mulli
PhD, MCD, BDS, APFA, GCAP, AHEA Lecturer, UON Director The Periodontist Dental Centre and Dental Tune Centre
University of Nairobi


Soft tissue management in dental practice


At the end of the course the participant will be able to: Know indications and the optimal timing for soft tissue grafting Know available techniques for soft tissue grafting Know how to use the available soft tissue substitutes Perform gingival grafts (free and connective tissue) Know the long-term outcomes after soft tissue surgeries

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