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Obesiy Africa

Obesiy Africa

Starting on :11:00 AM 25 November, 2017 Venue:safari park hotel
Ending on :05:00 AM 25 November, 2017 Max Credits:10
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1. Dr. Mohamed Jeilan
Interventional Cardiologist
Aga Khan University Hospital


Obesity Africa conference, a pan-African platform which allows healthcare professionals, healthy living providers and other specialties in the area of overweight and obesity to educate on and discuss the increasingly prevalent health related effects of obesity, their impact on the continent, and measures to curtail the epidemic.


Obesity Africa will educate and update general practitioners, physicians, cardiologists, diabetologists, pulmonologists, bariatric surgeons, orthopedic specialists, nutritionists, nephrologists, anesthetists, surgeons and allied health professional, and other interested physicians involved in care of obese patients.

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