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Governance and Trustee Effecttiveness in Healthcare

Governance and Trustee Effecttiveness in Healthcare

Starting on :08:00 AM 12 February, 2018 Venue:HeSMA
Ending on :02:00 PM 15 April, 2018 Max Credits:10.00
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1. Mr. Mark Tozzio
Mark Tozzio, M-IHHS, LFACHE Adjunct Instructor Health Care Administration Degree and Continuing Education Northeastern State University Certified Blackboard (online) Instructor (Levels 1+2) 918-521-7468 cell tozzio@nsuok.edu marktozzio@aol.com Skype.com: Mark.Tozzio
Northeastern State University

2. Mr. Fredrick Kimemia
Fredrick J Kimemia, PhD candidate, M.Sc, FeHSM Chief Executive Officer-HeSMA Adjunct Lecturer-Health Systems Management, Kenya Methodist University PO Box 22595-00505 Nairobi Office +254 (020) 2330034 Direct Cellphone +254729872543 Skype: Frederick.kimemia
HeSMA, Institute of Health Care Management


Governing Boards / Trustees are essential to the performance of healthcare systems. Whether the organization is operated as a for-profit, not-for-profit, or faith-based enterprise, it is important to have a community perspective as part of the leadership structure. Trustees must ethically and responsibly represent the needs of the public/beneficiaries and hold the management team accountable for the performance of the organizational vision, mission, and values expressed in the charter. The Board members are expected to perform their fiduciary duties with honesty and integrity.


Key topics explored in the eight (8) sessions in this course include: 1. Fundamental responsibilities of the Board and its members 2. Operating effective Boards 3. Building the Ideal Board Composition 4. Working relationships between the Board, the CEO, and senior leadership team 5. Ensuring quality services 6. Providing fiscal oversight 7. Reflecting the community’s needs and values; collaborative care 8. Evaluating the Board’s role in strategic planning and non-traditional / alternative medicine and monitoring its impact on community health status

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