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allergy and allergic diseases

allergy and allergic diseases

Starting on :02:00 PM 02 March, 2018 Venue:Gertrude's Children's Hospital Lavington
Ending on :03:00 PM 02 March, 2018 Max Credits:3.00
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1. Dr. Allan Kayiza
Medical Officer
Gertrude's Children's Hospital


allergy and allergic diseases


1. To understand the basic mechanisms underlying the different types of allergic reactions 2. To understand the importance of atopic sensitisation in the childhood allergic diseases (food allergy, asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema) 3. To understand the role of allergen skin prick and RAST testing in the childhood allergic diseases. 4. To learn an approach to management of childhood allergic diseases especially in regard to allergen avoidance.

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