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Diabetes Symposium:The Family & Diabetes

Diabetes Symposium:The Family & Diabetes

Starting on :09:00 AM 23 October, 2018 Venue:Royal Orchid
Ending on :04:00 AM 03 November, 2018 Max Credits:15
Moderator:No Activity Moderator Activity Cost: Free Order


1. Dr. Eva Njenga
MBChB(Nairobi) 1980; M.Med(Int.Med)(Nairobi) 1986; Cert(Endocri) 1990

2. Dr. Joyce Mbogo
MD(ST. GEORGES) 2005; Res.Paed(Maimonides) 2009; Clin.Fel(Paed.Endo)(ESPE) 2011

3. Dr. Nancy Kunyiha
MBChB(Nairobi) 1997 MRCP(UK) 2007

4. Dr. Kirtida Acharya
MBChB(Nairobi) 1993; MRCP(Dublin) 2004

5. Dr. Rosslyn Ngugi
MBChB(Nairobi) 2007 M.MED(INT.MED)(NAIROBI) 2014

6. Dr. Erick Njenga

7. Dr. Florence Keli
MBChB(Nairobi) 1996 M.Med(Int.Med)(Nairobi)2009

8. Dr. Dennis Nturibi
MBChB(Nairobi) 2005

9. Dr. Ingrid Gichere
MD(Copenhagen) 2005 M.MED(OBS & GYNA)(AGA KHAN)2016

10. Dr. Gaman Mohamed Ali
MBChB(Nairobi) 1995 DIP(DIAB)(ZAGREB)2002 M.D(DIAB)(ZAGREB)2006


Diabetes is a growing epidemic not only in Kenya but also world-wide. M. P. Shah Hospital was the 1st of its kind to open a unique one-stop centre served by a multi-disciplinary team in the East Africa Region. The Symposium theme is in keeping with the International Diabetes Federation 2018-2019 World Diabetes Day theme of ‘the Family and Diabetes’.


The Diabetes Symposium is a one day event, targeting health care professionals from all therapeutic areas and aims at empowering them with the most current scientific information combined with practical knowledge on various issues pertaining to Diabetes Mellitus.

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