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20 Years of Clinical Neurology

20 Years of Clinical Neurology

Starting on :06:30 AM 23 January, 2019 Venue:Panafric Hotel Nairbi
Ending on :08:00 AM 23 January, 2019 Max Credits:5.00
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1. Dr. Hadi Manji
Consultant Neurologist
National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery London


A two hour lecture on 20 years experience in clinical neurology


1. Case study- Patient-centered interviews- patient's feelings, ideas, impact on function, and expectations. 2. Doctor patient relationship 3. Demonstrate skill in communication of information 4. Recognizing risk factors and be able to counsel patients on risk reduction. 5. Identifying the rights and legal responsibilities of physicians to patients and the community. 6. The concept of cost-effectiveness to public health interventions. 7. self-directed learning by: 8. Effective Doctor patients and family communication without having to take charge.

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