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Current Trends In Tooth Whitening & Lasers in Dentistry

Current Trends In Tooth Whitening & Lasers in Dentistry

Starting on :06:00 PM 03 April, 2019 Venue:Villa Rossa Kempinski
Ending on :08:00 PM 03 April, 2019 Max Credits:6
Moderator:Dr. ALUMERA HUDSON Activity Cost: Free Order


1. Mr. Human Rostami
International Regional Manager: East, West and South Africa
Ivoclar Vivadent


The science of tooth whitening · Overview of methods/techniques (Eg: Laser whitening/In Office Whitening/ Professional home whitening & Over the counter whitening) · Major tooth whitening brands · Challenging Whitening Cases · Sensitivity – why it happens and how to help your patient · What to do if non-professionals offer whitening Lasers are fast becoming an indispensable treatment tool not only for their ability to minimise tissue damage and treat sites traditionally deemed not viable, but also the ability to promote healing and repair. The course is suitable for dentist and auxiliary staff to gain an insight into how lasers can provide additional benefits to patients as well as gaining an understanding into how to safely incorporate them into practice.


To be able to make an informed decision about what systems are available and work best for the dental practice, how to treat challenging whitening cases, touching on sensitivity relating to whitening effectively and how to combat non-professional whitening. Sharing a few marketing ideas Give participants an understanding into how lasers work Give participants an understanding into uses of lasers in dentistry Give participants the ability to choose a laser for their particular needs and understand how to apply them practice Participants will understand hazards associated with lasers in dental practice and the ability to apply proper procedures for laser safety in their practice. Participants will be able to understand hazard control.

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