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Nociceptive pain is normal physiology. Nociceptors are nerves which sense and respond to

  1. Tissue irritation
  2. Tissue injury

Pain characteristics include: It is localized, constant, aching and throbbing in quality. Nociceptive pain is usually time limited and responds well to opiods.  Visceral pain is nociceptive and is often poorly localized and episodic.

Neuropathic pain is pathological. Neuropathic pain is initiated or caused by a primary lesion or dysfunction in the nervous system; it can affect either the peripheral or central nervous system.

Characteristics of neuropathic pain include burning, lancinating, or electric shock qualities. It is frequently chronic and does not respond dramatically to therapy. Response to therapy is slow and gradual and is not fully reversible, but can be well managed if properly diagnosed.

Examples of peripheral neuropathic pain include; Post herpetic neuralgia, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome [Type 1- (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) no definable nerve lesion. Type 2 (Causalgia) there is evident nerve injury, Components of cancer pain, Phantom limb pain, Peripheral neuropathy [due toDiabetes Mellitus, Toxins, including chemotherapy, Alcohol, vitamin deficiencies].


<< The Continuum of Pain: Describing pain symptoms: >>




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