• Pelvic lipomatosis

    General Considerations Rare disease characterized by an excess de position of fat in the pelvis surrounding the bladder and rectum Most common in African-Americans (66%) with an overwhelming male predominance (94 %) Cause is not known but, it has been linked to obesity Most pa tients are 20-50 years of age Clinical Findings From compressi on on the bladder (more common) and rectum< >FrequencyNocturia D ysuria Constipation Ribbon-like stools Lower extremity swelling Suprapubic pain and fullness Low back pain Imagi ng Findings Increased lucency in the pelvis on conventional radiogra phy due to fat deposition Inverted teardrop-shaped bladder (pear-shape d bladder) Ureters may be dilated and may be medially or laterally dis placed distally Hydronephrosis, usually bilaterally The rectum i s elongated and symmetrically compressed Rectum may be displaced cepha lad (tower rectum) Increased distance between seminal vesicles and pos terior bladder wall CT shows tissue surrounding bladder/rectum to be t hat of fat (-40 to -100 Hounsfield units) ....

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