Support : Article- Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process

  1. Cases submitted via iCMS platform user's profile.
  2. If the case meets the submission requirements, the editorial assistant will assign this case to an editor from the editorial board after matching the subject of the article and the editor’s expertise.
  3. If the editor finds the article lacks sufficient quality or the topic is not well within the journal scope, the editor will reject the submission without further consideration.
  4. If the case is found with sufficient quality worth further consideration, the editor will assign this manuscript to 2-3 external reviewers for peer-reviewing.
  5. The peer-reviewers will send back the review comments with their recommendations as: accepted unchanged; minor revision; major revision; or rejected.
  6. Based on the reviewers’ comments and recommendations, editors will make editorial decision.
  7. The peer-review process is single blinded with the reviewers aware of whom the authors of the case are, the authors do not know who the reviewers are.
  8. Once reviewed the cases are published for voting by the other users of the platform. The author can market or seek support for his case.
  9. The editorial team will the choose the top two cases for round two voting at the end of round one voting. 
  10. The wining author will get award for his/her case. The award will be determined at the begining of the competiotion period. 
  11. All successful case to the round one voting will earn the authors CPD Points.
  12. Cases will also be published for other users access for learning purposes.

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