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How are CPD points allocated?


All doctors are required to familiarize themselves with the following guidelines.


a. Allocation of CPD Units

The minimum required is five units

  • One unit is equal to ten points.
  • The list of activities is a guide. It is not exhaustive.
  • The units indicated are the maximum that can be allocated per activity .

LEVEL ONE activities are those with no measurable outcomes and involves attendance


  • Conference, seminar, symposia - 5 points per day. 2 units
  • Meetings or updates; hospital, institution, dept etc - 1 point per. 1 unit
  • Lecture - 3 points. 1unit
  • Professional interest groups. 1 unit
  • Attendance at refresher/short courses. 2units
  • Attendance at activity classified as level one activity. 2 units


CPD activities that are based on education, publication research and or training and units will be determined on the basis of content.


Level two activities have a measurable outcome and involve presentation as opposed to passive attendance.


As a general rule the teacher will get x+1 units


  • Presenter short course. 3 units
  •  Co-presenter short course. 2.5units
  • Co-author peer reviewed publication. 2 units
  • Co-author chapter in a book. 1.5units
  • Co-presenter of a paper at a conference/refresher course. 2 units
  • External examiner of masters/doctoral thesis. 3units
  • Attendance at interactive skills workshop with outcome evaluation. 2.5units
  •  Invited guest lecturer at an accredited activity. 3units
  • Keynote speaker at an accredited conference. 4units
  • Journals pass rate >70%. 2.5units
  • Guiding undergrad students at recognized institution. 2units
  • Principal author of a peer reviewed publication. 4units
  • Principal author of a chapter. 3units
  • Presenter at conference/ refresher course. 2.5 units
  • Review of article/chapter .2units



  • Activities that are in the nature of structured learning that is a formal programme that is planned and presented by an accredited training institution evaluated by an accredited assessor with a defined outcome.
  • Single modules of masters degrees. 3units
  • Short courses with minimum 25 hours. 4 units
  •  Post graduate degrees, diplomas, additional qualifications. 4 units

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